"Attorney-at-law Katrin Orav was awarded the title "Diamond of the Bar Association" for her years of work in introducing children's rights and family law issues to the society, as well as for supporting parents. Katrin chairs the Family Law Commission of the Bar Association, which assists and advises the bodies and members of the Bar Association in matters related to the legislation and practice of family law. Through her work in the Commission, she contributes to the fulfillment of the role of the Bar Association as a professional organisation, which, among other things, seeks to further the development of legal profession and to increase the level of legal services."

Leen Eenpalu
Chancellor at Estonian Bar Association

"It has been an honour and pleasure to be colleagues with Katrin for many many years and to work together in the legal field. In addition to being arguably the best family law specialist in Estonia, she is probably one of the most caring, cordial, positive and loyal colleagues I have the honor to know. But do not let yourself to be mislead by this - in order to protect the client's interests and to solve complex problems, Katrin will use the properties on the other end of the scale of those same qualities. I believe that I can say on behalf of most of the colleagues from law firm LEXTAL, that it is both unspeakably sad and undeniably fierce that Katrin found LEXTAL not big enough for herself and that she now has set herself new goals to reach!"

Urmas Ustav
Partner at law firm Advokaadibüroo LEXTAL

“I was very satisfied with Katrin's work. She made me understand the human language of an utterly confusing situation and helped me achieve the desired result. In addition, she is a lovely and warm person. If necessary, I will turn to her in the future and recommend her to others. Thank you!

Sandra Käsper

“Katrin has been excellent in solving various issues and problems and represented us in court, where she achieved the desired results. Thank you and we will continue to work together!”

Anna Starova

“Thank you, Katrin, for your sharp and precise choice of words, as well as your warm, humorous, and yet assertive approach when needed! Katrin adeptly balances warmth and professionalism.”

Janno Mei

“I cannot recommend Katrin highly enough! Within just a few minutes of speaking with her, she understood my very complicated case completely, and handled things beautifully. She was open and honest about the realistic expectations of my situation, and we ended up with the best possible result! Thank you so so much!”

Larissa Sadul